Semi-Permanent Makeup

Starting from SGD 0.00

Stay looking elegant and flawlessly put together with our professional semi-permanent makeup services. SEMI-PERMANENT MAKEUP is perfectly suited to our busy modern lifestyle – taking you from the gym to the office to intimate dinners and glamourous events while always looking effortlessly polished and beautiful.


Woke up just like this!

Our professional eyebrow embroidery is an excellent way to achieve the coveted “Woke Up Like This” look. We work closely with you to achieve your desired eyebrow look customised to suit your face and features nicely. Elevate your features with sophisticated and more defined brows that will save you precious time getting ready in the morning. 

Our keen attention to detail and combination of techniques ensure your brows look on point and natural from any angle! Our painless procedure and detailed aftercare guide will give you amazing results that can last up to 2 years. As one of the pioneer professional artists in SEMI-PERMANENT MAKEUP, AESTA provides an unrivalled SEMI-PERMANENT MAKEUP experience. We are the #1 choice for eyebrow embroidery services. Book us now!