Phibrows Disposable Tool Blade and Shade 10pcs

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“Phibrows Disposable Tool Blade and Shade 10pcs”

This is a disposable tool for creating eyebrow looks with the PhiShading technique (microblading + shading).

The product is very light to hold and contains two different blades:

304 U Blade: With this blade you create very fine and precise hairs.

3R Shading Blade: This tip is used for the shading effect. It creates very fine and small dots, resulting in a shading between the individual hairs.

At the other end of the tool you will find the applicator tip, with which you apply the pigment as a mask at the end of the treatment and leave it to work for a few minutes.

Furthermore, the product contains a pigment ring for easier use of the colour during the treatment.

One package contains 10 pieces.

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