Foxy Eyeliner & Sakura Lip Embroidery

Starting from SGD 288.00


Little things that can enhance daily look.

Stay looking elegant and flawlessly put together with our professional semi-permanent makeup services. Semi-Permanent Makeup is perfectly suited to our busy modern lifestyle – taking you from the gym to the office to intimate dinners and glamourous events while always looking effortlessly polished and beautiful.
When everyone has to wear a face mask due to Covid-19, the only two features people pay attention to are your eyes and eyebrows. It is the perfect opportunity to highlight your beautiful eyes with professional eyeliner embroidery to add extra sparkle. We believe the eyes are the most important feature on a person’s face. Without having to worry about eyeliner smudges due to hot and humid weather and unevenly drawn lines that make you lose confidence; eyeliner embroidery is the best low-maintenance choice for busy working professionals.
As skilled makeup artists, we have spent years perfecting the art of drawing eyeliner for numerous different eye shapes. We know how to enhance your eyes without overdoing it. Our strong foundation as professional bridal makeup artists is key to the consistently amazing microblading results we achieve for our clients. We work with you to discern the thickness of the eyeliner for your desired eye look. Then we manually and meticulously fill out your lash line with the color of your choice to give you naturally bigger, more defined eyes. With this quick and easy procedure, you never have to struggle to draw or adjust your eyeliner again.
Our keen attention to detail and expert technique is essential to ensuring your eyeliner embroidery results are amazing! Our painless procedure and detailed aftercare guide will give you amazing results that can last up to 2 years. As one of the pioneer professional artists in Semi-Permanent Makeup, AESTA provides an unrivaled Semi-Permanent Makeup experience. We provide the best eyeliner embroidery service for our customers. Book us now!​