Self-grooming Classes

Professional Makeup & Hairstyling / SPMU Courses

Personal Makeup Classes

Want to learn professional tips and tricks to improve your personal style? During our fun and engaging personal makeup class, we will teach you how to always look elegant and presentable no matter what the occasion. Whether you are looking to elevate your daily makeup look or find the right makeup style for attending important events, we will customize our make-up lessons to cover all of your needs. Learn how to look and feel your prettiest and carry yourself with confidence every day.

Personal Hairstyling Classes

No one likes bad hair days, especially if you have a big presentation at work or have a scheduled meeting with management. During our interactive personal hairstyling class, we will introduce sophisticated and modern everyday hairstyles that suit your face shape and style. Maintain a neat and tidy overall appearance simply by changing the way you manage and style your hair. This class is ideal for executives entering the corporate environment.


Be your very own makeup artist and hairstylist after attending AESTA’s Personal Styling Class!

Personal Styling Group Classes

For businesses or universities looking for a professional styling course to help employees or students carry themselves better and look more refined during client meetings or job interviews, AESTA is here to help! Our reputable clients include the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University who engaged us to teach students how to apply the right makeup for job interviews as well as to carry themselves with confidence. During our personal styling corporate group class, we customize and tailor the learning materials we share to the type of industry and the purposes of our client. It is very useful for executives working in customer-facing roles such as airline stewardesses and hotel staff. Professionals in the banking, insurance and property industries who need to pr

oject a polished image when meeting clients and closing deals will also greatly benefit from attending this masterclass. We will cover appropriate corporate makeup looks, and detailed personal grooming habits and go in-depth into the application of daily makeup. We will also share how to look presentable at all times of the workday. We conduct our workshop in a fun and engaging way so that employees will find it an enjoyable benefit of the job and learn new skills at the same time.

Enjoy a Fun and Engaging Personal Styling Corporate Group Class, As A Company or University!

Professional Hair and Makeup Courses

Have you always been passionate about makeup and hairstyling? Are you seeking an additional source of income as a freelance makeup artist? Interested to take your makeup and hairstyling skills to a professional level?

Attend our highly rated professional makeup course in Singapore. During this comprehensive course, you will get to explore how the experts do makeup! Learn how to create exquisite makeup looks and hairstyles for clients and get in-depth explanations from industry professionals. You will also get to learn more about the beauty industry and how to use professional makeup artist tools to get your desired results for guaranteed customer satisfaction. This course is a great way to acquire new skills and knowledge to add to your repertoire. We will also provide you with a professional certificate upon successfully passing the exam.




Master Courses

Want to take your professional makeup and hairstyling skills to the next level? Want to gain the trust of high-profile clients? Want to become a big name in the beauty industry? Our Master Class is the best way to perfect and refresh your current skill set while adding new skills to your arsenal. Engaging and hands-on, you will get in-depth information about expert techniques used to create complex and intricate makeup looks and hairstyles. Learn from veterans in the beauty industry and get the chance to ask questions to advance your professional career. If you have been a professional makeup artist in Singapore with a minimum of 2 years of experience and possess a strong fundamental knowledge of makeup and hairstyling, this is the master class for you! Upon completion of the class, you will get a professional certificate to display!

Semi-permanent Makeup Courses

Are you interested to gain a new skill or upgrading your current makeup skill set? Become a Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist with our rewarding beginner-friendly Semi-permanent Makeup Course. During this course, we will cover all you need to know to start doing eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip embroidery. Our class size will be kept small for more engagement and in-depth learning. The systematic course structure complemented with professional advice from industry veterans will help you acquire skills and knowledge at a faster pace. Our course syllabus gives experienced makeup artists a wonderful opportunity to gain more confidence in their professional skills.